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i ♥ ryo-chan xD

♥ forever an eighter ♥

Konnichiwantsu! kerushii-chan desu! ^-^
im a weird crazy fangirl that likes to oogle over cute asian boys. this is the blog where i show my insane love of jpop, especially a group by the name of Kanjani8. i also have quite the liking for Arashi, NEWS, TOKIO, V6, and KAT-TUN who will pop up from time to time.

i have another tumblr for other fandoms of music, movies, tv shows, and just other random things i like here

i have a channel on youtube dedicated to jpop, please check it out!

find me on: twitter | facebook | livejournal | youtube | deviantart

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This is a game of “Who the fuck are you?”

  • Name: Kelsey
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5’5” [165cm]
  • Obligatory picture of self:
  • Relationship status: forever alone
  • Birthday: October 27th
  • Favorite color: red, black
  • Favorite bands: Kanjani8, AFI, Omnia, 30 Seconds to Mars, Deftones, Dir en grey
  • Last song listened: "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake
  • Favorite movie: The Crow, Lord of the Rings series, Interview with the Vampire, Ichi the Killer.
  • Favorite books: LOTR series, The Vampire Chronicles, Brave New World
  • Last book read: Myths of the Norsemen [currently reading]
  • # of siblings: 1
  • # of pets:
  • Best school subject: English and Art
  • Mac or PC? pc
  • Current shirt color: black
  • Gamer? yep
  • Day or night: night
  • Summer or winter? winter
  • Most-visited website? tumblr, twitter
  • Biggest turn on/s: broad shoulders, long hair, tall, pretty eyes

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LOLing at the tags XDD #ryo #and gakki in the suit case XDDD

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Ryo x The harmonica

 LOVE IT!!!!! <33333

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Ribstabsheart has posted this dude so much that i now have a crush on him.

Get in line, bitch. HAHAHA

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Can!ジャニ 高尾山 マルちゃん×亮ちゃん

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with 2013.05

original scans: CherryKakaaaaa

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HAHAHA orange t-rex!!!!

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